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Diocese Honors Dr. Lori Schweickert for Missionary Leadership

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The Diocese of Raleigh has awarded Dr. Lori Schweikert, MD, an appreciation award for 10 years of dedicated service as the Diocesan young adult mission team coordinator.

As coordinator, Dr. Schweikert facilitated the overall planning and implementation of the week-long mission trips to countries such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Honduras. She established projects that focused on medicine, education, and construction and collaborated with the site host, the spiritual director and the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis. Dr. Schweikert also took part in medical missions to Thailand following the 2004 tsunami and to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

Dr. Schweickert, a member of the UNC Newman Parish since 1997, would advise anyone considering going on a mission to understand “that it's very natural to have doubts and anxieties about it. However,” she added, “the Holy Spirit wants to meet you where your comfort zone ends, and you're part of a team that helps one another.”

She explained that, “Having a spiritual director on the team is very helpful in making the experience one that will bring a person to the next level in their spiritual journey, so be sure to utilize the person in that role to the fullest.”

Dr. Schweickert will now serve on a newly formed Diocesan Mission Advisory Board. According to Robert Jones, Director of the Office of Evangelization, mission trips are rapidly growing in popularity. “The Advisory Board will assist in developing Diocesan guidelines and applying the Church’s teaching for missionary animation, formation, communion and cooperation,” said Jones. “This will help people carry out the local and universal call to mission more effectively." Jones added, “Dr. Schweickert’s expertise and experience will be valuable to the advisory board. Her commitment to putting faith into action is a marvelous example.  She truly has the heart of a missionary.”