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Bishop’s Lecture Series to Focus on John Paul II Theology of the Body

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Third Installment in Bishop’s Lecture Series Scheduled for May 29th

Dr. Patrick O'Connell will deliver the third presentation in the 2008-2009 Bishop’s Lecture Series on May 29th from 7-9 pm at St. Thomas More Church in Chapel Hill. Dr. O’Connell, an internist with the Duke University Health System, will speak on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body as it pertains to issues such as in vitro fertilization and sterility.

In his first talk, “a super-condensed” version of Theology of the Body,” Dr. O’Connell said he hopes to impart “a fundamental understanding of John Paul’s view of human sexuality, and its implications for married couples.” In his second talk, the doctor will discuss treatments available for infertility, which ones are incompatible with Catholic teaching, and why, and which treatments are completely morally acceptable. “Some of this material can be very scientific,” Dr. O’Connell said, “so I want to make this portion of the evening as practical and useful as possible for infertile couples.”