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Diocese Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

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Catholic Schools Week is being celebrated in Dioceses throughout the United States January 27-February 2, 2013. The thirty-one Catholic schools and early childhood centers in the Diocese of Raleigh are conducting special events this week to highlight their educational institutions and programs. The Diocesan schools are serving approximately 9,000 students this current school year.

In a letter marking the week, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge noted that, “Catholic schools have always been known for their academic excellence. However, they play an even more important role in assisting parents in passing on the gift of our Catholic Faith to our young people.”

In a request to Diocesan faithful, Bishop Burbidge wrote, “Join me in thanking our pastors, principals, faculties, staff and the many volunteers, who we honor this week for their dedicated service to our children.”

In a video citing the importance of Catholic schools and commitment to Catholic education, the Bishop addressed the challenges children face in today’s world. “The constant message of materialism and self-gratification is all around them,” Bishop Burbidge said. “We must arm them with the knowledge and tools to become the person that God is calling them to be. Our Catholic schools exist to do exactly that. Catholic education provides them with a different perspective, one based on the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

During this week, Bishop Burbidge will celebrate Mass and visit several schools. One of the schools he will visit is Cardinal Gibbons High School, where he will dedicate the new addition to the school.

Read Bishop Burbidge’s Catholic Schools Week letter (PDF)

Watch Bishop Burbidge’s Catholic Schools Week video: