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Catholic School Students Visit Site of New Cathedral Campus

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On November 9, 25 students from St. Ann Catholic School in Fayetteville traveled to Raleigh to visit the land where the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral will be built. They were accompanied by several chaperones, including Mr. John Bunting, religion teacher, and Mr. John Rock, seventh and eighth grade math-science teacher. 

“Part of the Year of Faith is teaching about the Cathedral, the history of the Diocese and the life of Father Price,” said Mr. Bunting. “We taught them the meaning of a Cathedral and we wanted them to see a Cathedral.” 

At the Catholic Center, the students heard a presentation on the importance and significance of a Cathedral from Mr. Gerard Hall, Diocesan Director of the Office of Divine Worship. The students then wrote letters to Bishop Burbidge on their impressions of the presentation, a look at the model of the new Cathedral Campus and seeing the land where the Cathedral will be built. 

“When I looked at the model of the Cathedral, I just liked everything as a whole. Because every little bit just made the whole thing…. I like how it captured the majesty of the purpose,” said Eileen Martinson, an eighth-grader at the school. “You kind of felt it. It was just awesome looking at it. I can picture myself in the future coming here.” 

Clairissa Hitcho, a seventh grade student said, “I was excited to come and explore everything here. When I walked outside, there was the old Catholic School. There’s going to be so much history on the site … that there were things there before there was the Cathedral.” 

The group then traveled to Sacred Heart Cathedral to see the church that has served the Diocese as a Cathedral since the Diocese was created in 1924. The students also attended the 12:10 Mass, celebrated by Fr. Daniel Oschwald, Cathedral Rector. 

In remarks at the end of Mass, Fr. Oschwald welcomed the students and mentioned that having them present in Sacred Heart Cathedral represents what a Cathedral is supposed to be about, “a Mother Church for all those in the Diocese.”

Above: St. Ann School students looking at model of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral during visit to site of new Cathedral.

Below: Diocesan Director of Divine Worship Gerard Hall describing where the Cathedral will be located on land purchased by Servant of God Fr. Thomas F. Price in 1897.

Above: Students writing notes to Bishop Burbidge following their visit to Cathedral site.