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"Year of Faith" Planning Begins

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Pope Benedict XVI has announced a special year-long observance to help the Church focus its attention on “Jesus Christ and the Beauty of Having Faith in Him.”  The Holy Father said the Year of Faith will run from October 11, 2012, to November 24, 2013.

A statement released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith explained, “The year is meant to 'contribute to a renewed conversion to the Lord Jesus and to the rediscovery of faith, so that the members of the church will be credible and joy-filled witnesses to the risen Lord, capable of leading those many people who are seeking it to the door of faith.'"

The October 11 date coincides with the anniversaries of the Second Vatican Council in 1962 and the promulgation of the Catechism in 1992. The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith said it would be an opportune time to make the work of the Council and teaching of the Catechism "more widely and deeply known."

The Congregation will release a "note" Jan. 7 outlining the aims of the special year and ways bishops, dioceses, parishes and communities can promote "the truth of the faith," the Congregation said in its statement.

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge is establishing a Year of Faith Committee to assist parishes with catechetical resources for parishes and the faithful as well as opportunities for special events and liturgical celebrations.