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About Catholic Schools

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Schools and early childhood centers of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh engage our communities in creating quality education in a Catholic environment that fosters the current and future development of the whole child. More... 

Catholic Schools Week

Bishop's Letter on Catholic Schools Week (PDF)

Watch the Catholic Schools Week video:


News and Announcements

Employment Opportunities

For job openings in Catholic Schools, Employment Opportunities in the Human Resources section of the site.

To submit your resume for consideration of future openings, attach it to an email and send it to schoolsoffice@raldioc.org.


Use of old Cardinal Gibbons High School Gym
If you are a Diocese of Raleigh Catholic School and are interested in using the old Cardinal Gibbons High School gym, please contact Jim Crawford at ollad@olls.org.  


The Catholic Center
7200 Stonehenge Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Fax: 866-522-1695

Dr. Michael J. Fedewa
Phone: (919) 821-9749
E-Mail: fedewa@raldioc.org

Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services:
Rosalie Innacelli
Phone: (919)821-8143
E-Mail: innacelli@raldioc.org

Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Compliance:
Dr. John Pendergrass
Phone: (919)821-8157
Email: pendergrassj@raldioc.org

Administrative Assistant:
Suzanne Smith
Phone: (919)821-9749
E-mail: smiths@raldioc.org