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Avila Retreat Center


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Welcome to Avila Retreat Center!

"A Place for Hospitality, Healing, Ecumenical Unity"

Avila Retreat Center serves the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh by providing retreats and programs for spiritual enrichment to help enrich one's faith, personal growth and deepening awareness of the presence of God.

Atmosphere & Environment

Avila Retreat Center is nestled among 51 acres of rolling countryside, offering a unique retreat environment.

Take your time at Avila. Contemplate as you walk the labyrinth, rest in a hammock amongst the trees or take a quiet stroll along our meditation trail that winds throughout the grounds.

Avila provides a relished experience, centuries old, of withdrawing to a quiet place - along with a friend, partner, a group - to gain new insights into life and living. It is a time to reflect on your present and future journey with God, others and with yourself.


Kari Keefer, Program Coordinator
Avila Retreat Center
711 Mason Road
Durham, NC 27712-9229
Phone: (919) 477-1285
Email: avila@raldioc.org