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Vicar Judicial
Reverend Monsignor Jerry M. Sherba, JCD, PhD

Mrs. Vikki Newell
Phone: 919-821-9759

Assistant Director
Mrs. Susan Stanton
Phone: 919-821-9754

Case Instructor
Ms. Paula Zanker
Phone: 919-645-4435

Bilingual Case Instructor
Ms. Veronica Alvarado
Phone: 919-645-4439

Digital Records Coordinator
Andrea Stone
Phone: 919-821-9718

Guides and Forms

Note: The forms and guidelines found below are for specific types of circumstances and may not represent your situation. Since each marriage case is unique, you will need to call the Tribunal to initiate the process of obtaining a declaration of nullity in order to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion. 

  • Lack of Canonical Form Petition: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
  • Lack of Canonical Form Case Guidelines: PDF | Word
  • Ligamen (Prior Bond) Case Guidelines: PDF | Word
  • Pauline Privilege Case Guidelines: PDF | Word