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Executive Director of Development
Mr. Greg Leitner
Phone: (919)821-9721

Director of Stewardship
Mrs. Liz McKee
Phone: (919) 821-9745

Director of Special Gifts
Mr. Ryan T. Flood, CFRE
Phone: (919) 821-9774

Development Associate
Mrs. Cassie Lilley
Phone: (919) 821-9772

Appeal Update

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is our opportunity to support the work of the Catholic Church in Eastern North Carolina and is conducted in every parish each year. The BAA raises funds throughout the Diocese of Raleigh and provides services that reflect our Catholic belief in the sanctity of human life, the dignity of the individual and the central role of the family in life and society. In the over 30-year history of the BAA for the Diocese of Raleigh, there has been over $120 million donated to support the ministries of Eastern North Carolina.

The 2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal, “Instruments of God’s Service,” has now launched, and we invite you to explore this site to learn more about the importance of the BAA.

If you made a commitment to the 2017 BAA, you still have the opportunity to fulfil your pledge by June 30, 2018.

Through charity, worship and evangelization -- the integral components of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal -- we are reminded of the thousands of individuals throughout Eastern North Carolina whose lives are saved and changed. Thank you for your consideration to participate and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors in need.

Please look at the statistical analyses below, which reflect gifts, pledges and pledge payments to date for the 2017 and previous BAA campaigns. The results will also be posted for the 2018 BAA as the full campaign is completed across the diocese.

2017 BAA Campaign

Results as of November 15, 2017 (PDF)

2016 BAA Campaign

Results as of December 21, 2016 (PDF)

2015 BAA Campaign

Results as of January 4, 2016 (PDF)

2014 BAA Campaign

Results as of February 25, 2015 (PDF)

2013 BAA Campaign

Results as of March 19, 2014 (PDF)

2011 BAA Campaign

2011 BAA Final Report (XLS)

2010 BAA Campaign

2010 BAA Final Report (XLS)

2009 BAA Campaign

2009 BAA Final Report (XLS)

2008 BAA Campaign

2008 BAA Final Report (XLS)