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Senior Director of Children and Families
Mrs. Joyce Blum
Phone: 919-821-9702

Catechist Formation Guidelines

Our Rationale

Catechists play a pre-eminent role in the evangelizing mission of the Church. This role of passing on the faith as well as deepening our understanding and commitment to living the faith is a privilege, right and responsibility derived from our Baptism in Christ. It is vital that each person called to participate in this mission have a mature and living, adult faith as well as the understanding and skill to share it effectively.

In order to achieve an evangelizing catechesis, the Department of Catholic Formation and Evangelization collaborates with other Diocesan offices, parishes and schools, as well as resources with other catechetical and pastoral ministry organizations to provide a blend of onsite and online formation through the Catechetical Institute.


  • Formation and certification is expected of all those who catechize young children, adolescent youth, and adults (English or Spanish speaking), whether in a parish or a school setting. It is expected of those who serve as catechists on RCIA teams and other sacramental preparation teams as well as those engaged in specialized ministries.
  • Annually, each catechist with their parish faith formation director, or if a Catholic School teacher with their principal, should develop a plan of formation for the year.
  • Each catechist (English or Spanish speaking) in the diocese is expected to complete Basic Certification and then continue in his/her ongoing formation.
  • All parish directors of faith formation (English or Spanish speaking), parish directors of youth ministry (English or Spanish speaking), and at least one person in each Catholic School are expected to be, or in the process of becoming certified as Master Catechists.

Levels of Certification

Basic Catechist Certification

Master Catechist Certification