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Associate Director of Faith Formation
Patrick Ginty
Phone: 919-821-9702

Registrar, Evangelization and Discipleship
Aracely Alcalá
Phone: 919-645-4447

Pearl Streb Powers Fund

Mission Statement

The Diocese of Raleigh is committed to recruiting and training lay leadership for ministry among our people. The Pearl Streb Powers Formation Fund partners with parishes / schools / organizations and lay women and men by providing financial assistance for formation.

  • Request for Financial Assistance Form: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

About Pearl Streb Powers

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Pearl Streb was the daughter of Lillian and Bartholomew Streb, a Raleigh baker who had a great love for the Church and the children of the Catholic Orphanage at Nazareth. Pearl was baptized at Sacred Heart Church and attended both Cathedral Elementary and Cathedral Latin High School.

While a student at Seton Hill College, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, she wed Charles F. Powers, Jr. of Savannah, Georgia. Pearl and Charlie were active in Cathedral Church and School activities their entire lives. Their son Charles III graduated from Cathedral Latin High School, and daughter Katherine graduated from Cardinal Gibbons High School.

In 1958 Pearl become Administrative Assistant to the Diocesan Director of Religious Education, a post in which she continued until 1980. Pearl was the guiding light of Religious Education in our Diocese, working with priest directors and the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart to establish parish schools of religion throughout the state. With Mrs. Angela Waters of Burlington, she promoted the Parent Educator program of the CCD and authored the program pamphlets which were used throughout the nation.

Pearl Streb Powers was most of all an inspiration and a source of encouragement for alll dedicated lay ministers in the Church. She was a trail blazer and has left an impressive legacy. It is fitting that this fund memorialize her and her dedicated service. Pearl died in Raleigh in December 1995.


  • Candidates are engaged in committed ministry.
  • Candidates and parishes demonstrate clear financial need.
  • Candidates understand and agree that they are not receiving funds merely for personal enrichment but for committed service / leadership in diocesan parishes, schools, organizations, and / or deaneries. Based on the amount of financial assistance received, the recipient commits up to 2 years of service to the diocese, parish, school, and /or organization. If he/she leaves the diocese during the time of study or before the time commitment is completed, appropriate reimbursement to the diocese will be arranged.
  • Parishes/schools share the cost of the formation with the candidate and with the diocese.
  • It is understood that advanced study does not guarantee paid employment.

Application Process

  • Complete application form with appropriate signatures
  • Attach infomration on program/class to be attended
  • Submit a budget with a specific request for funding
  • Provide past/current history of committed service to parish/school/organization/deanery
  • Indicate how this opportunity will enhance your effectiveness in ministry
  • Apply quarterly: August 1, November 1, February 1, May 1 to the Office of Lay Ministry

Funding may apply for the following types of formation:

  • LIMEX or other programs from the Loyola Institute of Ministry
  • SEPI (South Eastern Pastoral Institute)
  • MACC (Mexican American Catholic College)
  • Degree or certificate programs from the Institute for Black Catholic Studies, Xavier University, Louisiana
  • Seminars/courses in Theology, Spirituality, Pastoral Studies
  • Master’s degree study in Theology, Spirituality, Pastoral Studies
  • Intense language study e.g. Spanish Institutes appropriate to the Diocese of Raleigh
  • Institutes/seminars directly applicable to the ministry setting
  • Courses required toward national ministry certification

Funding will not apply for the following types of formation:

  • Deanery/diocesan formation days and conferences
  • Regional / national conventions, conferences
  • Specialized areas that would not serve the diocese/parish/school/organization as a whole

Distribution Committee Members

  • Ex Officio: Director of the Office of Lay Ministry
  • Consultants: Superintendent of Schools, Director of Catholic Formation and Evangelization
  • Pastor
  • Paid Lay Professional
  • Volunteer Lay Professional
  • Representative of minority community


An annual report will be published indicating recipients, allocations, type of formation participated in.