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Gary D. Rosia
Phone: 919-821-9711
Fax: 866-955-8459

HR Manager
Maureen House, PHR  
Phone: 919-821-9714
Fax: 855-896-7876

Benefits Administrator
Nancy von Gunten
Phone: 919-821-9775
Fax: 866-955-8451

HRIS & Compliance Specialist
Lindsey Edwards
Phone:  919-821-9727
Fax: 866-955-8172

Policies and Procedures

NEWSick Leave Policy - Universal (PDF): The paid sick time policy, effective July 1, 2018, offers 30 days to current and new employees. Previous balances of fewer than 30 days will be brought up to 30 days. Leave balances of more than 30 days as of July 1, 2018, will not be decreased but will not accrue more time until the balance is reduced below 30 days.

Once the sick leave balance goes below 30 days, an additional day is accrued for each month worked, up to the maximum of 30 days.

A day is equivalent to the number of hours an employee works on a regular basis. An average of the past six months will be used to calculate a day for those qualified employees whose daily schedule varies.

Any and all previous sick policies are to be superseded by this one, effective July 1, 2018.

NEWPaid Employee and Family Medical Leave - Universal – This policy enhances the current Family Medical Leave Act (federally mandated) policy and procedure.

Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Diocese of Raleigh (PDF)

Currently under revisionEmployee Handbook (PDF)

Exhibit I – Biennial Personal Information Sheet Employee and Volunteer (PDF)

Exhibit II – Pastoral Personnel Committee Clergy Personal Information Data Sheet (PDF)

Exhibit III – Biennial Pastoral Information Data Sheet (PDF)

Policies and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Young People (PDF)