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Dioceses of Raleigh and Arlington raise $450,000 for victims of Hurricane Matthew


North Carolinians are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Matthew, which brought an incredible amount of flooding throughout the Southeast. It made landfall Oct. 8 near McClellanville, South Carolina and first impacted North Carolina Oct. 9.

In the aftermath of the devastation, Catholic Charities staff and Bishop Michael F. Burbidge (former Bishop of Raleigh) traveled to some of the hardest hit areas to assess the damage and bring relief. He also called upon Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh to contribute to a second collection for long-term assistance.

To date, $382,000 has been raised within eastern North Carolina, with potentially more on its way. On Dec. 21, Bishop Burbidge contacted officials at the Diocese of Raleigh to inform them that through special collections initated by Bishop Paul Loverde, his predecesor in the Diocese of Arlington, an additional $68,017 was raised for people impacted by flooding from Hurricane Matthew in NC. 

“Please allow me this opportunity to thank Bishop Paul Loverde for initiating this important effort and for the continued solidarity he and Bishop Burbidge have shared with us following the effects of Hurricane Matthew,” said Msgr. Michael Shugrue, diocesan administrator of the Diocese of Raleigh. “The donations from his generous parishioners in the Diocese of Arlington will go a long way to help bring relief to those still suffering from the recent flooding. I also want to thank the parishioners of the Diocese of Raleigh for their support of the flood victims and for those volunteers who have been so courageous in their witness to the Corporal Works of Mercy."

Catholic Charities continues to provide support to the victims of flooding in eastern North Carolina. Please pray for them and all those they serve.