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Sound System For New Cathedral Featured on UNC-TV


UNC-TV featured the sound system and acoustical engineering of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in their science program with host Frank Graff. One of the major priorities of the Diocese from the beginning of the cathedral project was to ensure that both the music as well as the spoken word would be clear. Two Triangle-area companies have been hired to create and implementation the sound system for this expansive, sacred space. 

From the UNC-TV report:

How do you hear and understand the sound that is so important to the worship experience in the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh's new cathedral? It is an important building to the growing diocese, which extends from Raleigh to the coast. The church will be the seat of the Bishop. Bishop Michael Burbidge, who began the cathedral building project, admits that being able to understand the speakers and the music during a mass is crucial.

To view the 6-minute segment CLICK HERE.