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CNS Video Features Papal Stories on “Word of God” Document, Trip to Spain

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A Vatican delegation is winding up a three-day meeting with Muslim leaders in Iran. At the outset of the session, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran delivered a letter from Pope Benedict XVI to President Mahmoud Amadinejad that was in response to a letter the Iranian leader sent to the Holy Father last month. In the letter, Pope Benedict expressed his desire that the good relationship that exists between Iran and the Holy See continues to develop. He also noted the respect due each person’s relationship with God, which he said is the “ultimate foundation” of the dignity and sacred character of every human life.

A joint statement will be forthcoming at the end of the meeting. It will be posted to the CNS Video link available on the Diocesan home page in video and text formats. Currently on the CNS Video site is a story on a Papal document on the Word of God and a story on the Holy Father’s message to Italian bishops who are preparing work on a revision to the Italian version of the Roman Missal, similar to the revision just completed by English-language countries. There are also stories on the Pope’s recent trip to Spain.