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Bishop Burbidge Celebrates Mass of the Holy Spirit at Cardinal Gibbons HS

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On Thursday, September 2, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge celebrated the opening Mass of the new school year for the students, staff and faculty of Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh. Twelve priests from the Raleigh and Piedmont Deaneries concelebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit.  

Centering on the theme, “Remember who you are,” Bishop Burbidge encouraged the students to never forget they are “God’s children, created in His image and likeness and in whom His very Sprit lives and dwells.” He reminded them to “honor the Lord in your body…and to demonstrate respect for the dignity that belongs to each and every person as Temples of the Holy Spirit.”

Bishop Burbidge spoke of the importance of understanding what the Church teaches about the Catholic faith and why. He told the students of the need to take time to be alone with the Lord to hear Him speak to their heart. “You are God’s children in whom His Holy Spirit dwells,” the Bishop said. “With God’s grace, continue to make us proud by always remembering who you are!”

This year’s student enrollment at Cardinal Gibbons exceeds 1,200.

Above: Students, faculty and staff prior to the beginning of Mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge at Cardinal Gibbons High School.

Above: Cardinal Gibbons High School choir participating in opening Mass of new school year.

Above: Priests from Raleigh and Piedmont Deaneries concelebrating at opening Mass at Cardinal Gibbons High School.