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Update on Cathedral Campus Feasibility Study

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The Diocese of Raleigh has received a favorable report on a Feasibility Study commissioned by the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge in January to determine support for construction of a Cathedral Campus that would include a new Diocesan Cathedral, Gathering Hall, Catholic Center Office Building, as well as financial support for parishes.  (See news story from 4/12/10).

The study, conducted by Graham-Pelton Consulting, included approximately 200 personal interviews and an outstanding return of more than 800 responses to a survey mailed to approximately 2,500 parishioners throughout the 54-county Diocese.  While some who were interviewed and completed the survey acknowledged that the proposed project would require considerable work and challenges, the results of the study indicates a high level of support for the Cathedral Campus from clergy, religious and laity.

After reviewing results of the Feasibility Study, the Council of Priests and the Diocesan Finance Council, in separate votes, recommended to Bishop Burbidge that the Diocese should proceed with the next phase of the potential capital campaign project. That will include forming various advisory committees to deal with the many aspects of the project and to develop proposed policies and procedures. Bishop Burbidge accepted the recommendations of both Diocesan councils. The Diocese is now in the process of implementing this next phase.

Updates on the status of the proposed Cathedral Campus will be issued at regular intervals.