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Charlotte Diocese Places Retired Priest on Administrative Leave

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The Diocese of Raleigh has been informed by the Diocese of Charlotte that Father Joseph Kelleher, a priest of the Diocese of Charlotte, has been placed on administrative leave concerning an incident which allegedly occurred in the mid-1970s in Albemarle, North Carolina. The allegation involves sexual misconduct with a young person. An investigation is being conducted by civil authorities and the Diocese of Charlotte.

The Diocese of Raleigh was informed of Father Kelleher being placed on administrative leave due to the fact that he served in two parishes in the Diocese of Raleigh more than forty years ago. His assignments were at Saint Gabriel Catholic Church in Greenville in 1966 for a period of six months and at Our Lady of Lourdes in Raleigh for approximately one year during 1969-1970.

Information or questions regarding Father Kelleher’s assignments in Greenville and Raleigh should be directed to Dr. John Pendergrass, Director of the Diocese of Raleigh’s Program for Child and Youth Protection at 1-866-535-SAFE (1-866-535-7233) or by email at safe@raldioc.org.