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Diocese Names New Natural Family Planning Coordinator

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Mrs. Allison C. Dooley has been named Natural Family Planning (NFP) Coordinator for the Department of Catholic Formation and Evangelization’s Office of Marriage and Family Life. Allison replaces Mrs. Shannon Dougherty, who worked faithfully in the NFP ministry. Allison and her husband, Rich, are active members of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Wake Forest. They have been married 12 years and are the parents of four children, who attend St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School.

Mrs. Dooley converted to the Catholic faith in 2005. During this time she learned about the Church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality, and she and her husband embraced the teaching. “Living the NFP lifestyle has been wonderful for us and is a joy we both love to share with others,” says Allison.

With an undergraduate degree in Public Health from Liberty University and a Masters of Public Health Administration from New York University, Mrs. Dooley sought to learn more about NFP. St. Catherine of Siena Pastor Father Phillip Tighe and her faith community supported her in becoming a Fertility Care Practitioner through the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.

Natural Family Planning is a way of following God’s plan for regulating pregnancy. It consists of methods to achieve or to avoid pregnancy using the physical means that God has built into the human body.

There are five NFP professionally certified trainer couples at parishes throughout the Diocese. To learn about NFP methods, couples attend three classes spaced about one month apart. Supplemental classes are held for the postpartum and premenopausal transitions, which are special times that require further instruction.

Mrs. Dooley hopes to raise awareness in the Diocese of Raleigh on the various methods of NFP as natural ways to care for women’s fertility and overall health rather than relying on drugs or contraceptive devices. “NFP gives couples a conscious understanding and respect for one another,” Dooley said.  “Couples become stronger, and that benefits the entire family.”

Allison and Rich will be presenters at the Catholic Convocation on October 16, 2010 at Cardinal Gibbons.

Mrs. Dooley may be contacted at NFP@raldioc.org.