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CCC Collection Aids in Evangelization and Information

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Parishes in the Diocese of Raleigh and across the United States will participate this week in the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC), one of the twelve national collections sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Fifty percent of the CCC Collection is used by the U.S. Church for programs and projects that evangelize, inform and enrich. Two examples are the new Vocations Web site, www.foryourvocation.org, and the revised Web site, www.foryourmarriage.org. Fifty percent remain in the Diocese for local media projects.

In his letter to Diocesan faithful, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge noted that in today’s changing media culture the Church is challenged to provide the most effective means to communicate the Gospel message. “The annual Catholic Communication Campaign greatly assists us in this important work,” Bishop Burbidge wrote. “Please be generous to the campaign as we need your support to remain a strong voice in today’s world.”