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Bishop Burbidge Celebrates Mass at Ignited by Truth Conference

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The Eighth Annual Ignited by Truth Conference was held in the Diocese of Raleigh March 19-20 with the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge celebrating Vigil Mass on Saturday for the approximately 1,500 in attendance. Bishop Burbidge thanked those gathered for the gift they are to Church, the Diocese and to him.

Reflecting on the Gospel reading for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, the Bishop explained that Jesus shows us how to share the Truth with others by the way he treated the woman accused of adultery. “Jesus does not judge her,” Bishop Burbidge said. “He treats her with compassion. Jesus does not give up on her. He shows confidence in her.”  Bishop Burbidge continued, “If we are going to teach and share the Truth with others, they must be convinced that, like Jesus, we never give up on them.”

Bishop Burbidge reminded the gathering that the most effective way to teach others about the Truth is by personal example. “Go forth,” the Bishop said, “and imitate the compassion of Christ; let others know the confidence you have in them.”