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Catholic High School to be Established in Greenville

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The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, has announced the establishment of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School, to be located in Greenville, NC. 

The school is scheduled to open August, 2010 with a ninth grade class of 25-30 students.  The school will begin at St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Greenville, utilizing existing classrooms on the campus.  A grade will be added each year until the school reaches the 9th-12th grade configuration.  Future plans call for a permanent facility to be constructed on property adjacent to St. Gabriel Catholic Church which had previously been purchased by the Diocese for this purpose.

Building upon the previous efforts of the faithful in the Greenville area, a steering committee has been working on this initiative for an extended period of time.  Recently, in accordance with Diocesan guidelines, this committee met with the Diocesan Finance Council to present the proposal and plans for the new high school.  Following its review, the Diocesan Finance Council gave its approval, forwarding its recommendation to Bishop Burbidge.

“Creating and sustaining Catholic schools where students can have the opportunity every weekday to pray and to learn about their Holy Catholic Faith is a priority for the Diocese of Raleigh,” Bishop Burbidge said.  “Through the dedicated work of the Pope John Paul II Catholic High School Steering Committee, the steadfast support from the Pastors at St. Gabriel Catholic Church and St. Peter Catholic Church, and the commitment of the parents of the incoming freshman class, we are able to expand Catholic secondary education into Eastern North Carolina.  As we continue with the planning for the opening of the school for the 2010-2011 school year, I ask that you continue to pray for its success in the near and distant future and may God bless this important initiative.”

Long range plans call for the construction of a four-year college preparatory school to accommodate at least 400 students.  The initial construction phase calls for the building of a gymnasium within the first three years with permanent classroom facilities to follow.  Accreditation will be sought from the Southern Association of Colleges and School in the first four years of operation.

The high school will be the second high school operated by the Diocese in its 54 county geographic region.  The other high school is Cardinal Gibbons High School, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.  In addition to Cardinal Gibbons, which has an enrollment of 1,185 students, the Diocese has 22 elementary/middle schools K-8 with 6,429 students enrolled, and an additional 1,347 children enrolled in nine early childhood centers.

Further information may be obtained via email at popejohnpaulhs@gmail.com or by contacting Dr. Thomas Ruffolo at 252-917-4858.  Additional diocesan information is available by contacting Mr. Frank Morock, Director of Communication, at morock@raldioc.org, or at 919-821-9732.

Above: St. Gabriel office/classroom center that will be used for the start-up of the John Paul II High School in Greenville.

Below: Land on the St. Gabriel campus that will be used for the planned construction of the new school in several years.