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Catholic News Service Video Stories Now Available on Web Site

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The Web site for the Diocese of Raleigh has added a new resource from Catholic News Service (CNS). The new feature will give every visitor to the Diocesan site access to stories, photos, video and audio of events of importance to Catholics, as well as a live webcam on St. Peter’s Square at Vatican City of special events.

Diocesan Director of Communications Frank Morock says the funding for production of this new service is made possible by donations from throughout the United States to the annual Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) appeal held each May. “Donations are used to support communications efforts on the national and local level,” Morock said, “with fifty percent of the diocesan collection remaining on the local level. The annual cost of the new CNS video service to the Diocese will be covered by the diocesan portion of the annual collection.”

“Catholic News Service has served the Church for decades,” Bishop Burbidge said, “providing the Catholic faithful with important news and information on Church developments world-wide and Catholic teaching as it pertains to critical issues of the day. As we strive to use every means possible to teach, proclaim and celebrate our Catholic faith,” the Bishop added, “I’m delighted that stories produced by CNS will now be made directly available on our Diocesan Web site. This new service would not be possible without the support by our Diocesan faithful of the annual Catholic Communication Collection, for which I’m truly grateful.”

Bishop Burbidge noted how the Web site provides regular news and information of events in the Diocese and allows him the opportunity to speak to parishioners in the 54-counties of the Diocese via technology. “In addition,” he said, “the Web site points you to the many resources available to respond to your spiritual and pastoral needs.”

The CNS video, which will feature a minimum of a dozen stories a week, is accessible at the CNS Video button on the bottom of the home page. Current stories available at this time include a report on the Vatican and how it’s dealing with the global financial crisis; a history of Religious Sisters contributions to American society; stronger relationship urged between Catholic college presidents and Bishops; and a plea from a Haitian Bishop, “Do not forget us!”

The video segments can be accessed below the video window. The menu button in the upper right hand corner of the CNS video window will provide other options from time to time, such as audio reports, photographs, and texts of news stories and documents. You’re invited to explore this new feature which will offer Catholic stories not available elsewhere.