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Five Diocesan Seminarians Receive Cassocks

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On Saturday, October 24th, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia celebrated Cassock Day, when first year seminarians receive their cassocks to wear on campus. Among those receiving the clerical robe were five men from the Diocese of Raleigh; Philip Johnson, Rob Schmid, Ian Van Heusen, Phil List and Ramon Garcia.

The black cassock worn by seminarians and priests is a long, close fitting, ankle length robe and takes its origin from the tunic that was worn under the toga in classical antiquity.

The color of the cassock differs for Cardinals, Bishops, and Monsignors when serving at liturgies. When at non-liturgical functions, a Cardinal, Bishop or Monsignor may don a black cassock with colored buttons, trimmings and sash that represent their title.  The Holy Father wears a white cassock.

Above: Philip Johnson, Rob Schmid, Ian Van Heusen, Diocesan Vocations Director Father Ned Shlesinger, Phil List and Ramon Garcia during Cassock Day at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. (Photo courtesy of S. Webb Photography)