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Bishop Burbidge Celebrates Annual Homeschool Mass

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The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge celebrated the annual Diocesan Mass for home school parents, Saturday, September 19 at Saint Joseph Church in Raleigh. The Mass was hosted by The Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH) of Raleigh and Cary. Its membership is made up of families throughout Wake County and surrounding areas.

ARCH’s mission is to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s education at home.  Its activities and functions are founded on fidelity to the teachings of the Church.

Noting the parable of the seed and the sower in the Gospel reading of the day, Bishop Burbidge said, “We all hope to be the rich ground so that we will produce abundant fruit in our lives.”

He spoke of the importance of approaching all that we do with humility, discipline and confidence. Commenting on the latter, the Bishop noted, “Confidence is needed because sometimes it appears that our hard work and efforts do not pay off or bring benefits. Yet God assures us that His Word and grace are sufficient.”

Bishop Burbidge expressed his gratitude to the parents for the responsibility they are assuming as the primary teachers of their children in the way of faith. “You may not always see immediate and visible results, but trust in God’s promise that through His divine assistance the seeds you plant will grow in ways you can never imagine.”

Above: Families attending the annual Diocesan Homeschool Mass celebrated at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Raleigh.

Below: Bishop Michael F. Burbidge celebrating Homeschool Mass.