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Diocesan Vocations Poster Features Patron of All Priests

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The Diocese of Raleigh Vocations Office released the new 2009-2010 Vocations poster, capturing the Church’s Year for Priest celebration as its theme. The poster features a portrait of Saint John Vianney, Patron Saint of all Priests, designed by Cameron Smith, a parishioner at Saint Mark Catholic Church in Wilmington. It also highlights the seventeen men currently in formation for the Priesthood in the Diocese.

As in past years, the poster echoes a request from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge asking the faithful to please pray for the seminarians by name. The poster also includes a quote from Pope Benedict XVI about Saint Vianney, the Holy Cure’ of Ars.

"What made the Curé of Ars holy was his humble faithfulness to the mission to which God had called him; it was his constant abandonment, full of trust, to the hands of divine Providence.  It was not by virtue of his own human gifts that he succeeded in moving peoples’ hearts nor even by relying on a praiseworthy commitment of his will; he won over even the most refractory souls by communicating to them what he himself lived deeply, namely, his friendship with Christ.  He was “in love” with Christ and the true secret of his pastoral success was the fervor of his love for the Eucharistic Mystery, celebrated and lived, which became love for Christ’s flock, for Christians and for all who were seeking God." 

(Pope Benedict XVI)

New seminarian prayer cards will be available soon, and will be sent with the posters to parishes and schools via vocation liaisons.

Diocesan Seminarians:

  • Deacon Vic Gournas
  • Brendan Buckler
  • Juan Manuel Lopez
  • Don Maloney
  • Michael Burbeck
  • Nick Cottrill
  • Ryan Elder
  • Ramon Garcia
  • Phil List
  • Philip Johnson
  • Rob Schmid
  • Ian Van Heusen
  • Jonathon Baggett
  • Alexis Barreto
  • Michael Schuetz
  • Edisson Urrego
  • Johnathan Hair 

Diocesan Prayer for Seminarians:

“Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests”

Father, in your plan for our salvation
you provide shepherds for your people.
Fill your Church with the spirit
of courage and love.
Give the Church more priests,
worthy ministers for your altars and ardent
but gentle servants of the gospel.
Grant also to us an increase
in vocations to the religious life.
May more of your people respond to your call
in a spirit of joyful generosity.
May they serve your people in love
by following in the footsteps of Christ your Son
and provide by their way of life
a convincing sign of your kingdom.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.
Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.