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NC Bishops Ask Catholics to Voice Opinion on Sexuality Education Bill

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April 15, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We seek your assistance in defeating a sexuality education bill that is being voted on by the North Carolina House of Representatives on April 15.

House Bill 88 (HB88), euphemistically entitled the “Healthy Youth Act,” would make the following changes to the present sex education program in our public schools:

1) In addition to teaching adolescents respect for the institution of marriage, they would also be taught to respect any and all “long-term committed relationships.” If approved, any and all relationships outside of marriage would be taught as being as normal and acceptable as marriage.

2) Education about all forms of FDA approved contraception (e.g., male/female condoms, emergency, oral and/or implanted contraceptives, spermicides, vaginal rings, etc.) would be taught to adolescents as young as the 7th grade.

While we are happy to see the bill amplifies the present statutes to make youth aware of what constitutes sexual assault and sexual abuse, this does not offset the problems that are noted above.

Abstinence education about drugs, alcohol and tobacco is the only permissible curriculum allowed in our schools. Yet HB88 in its present form will endorse sexual behaviors that are immoral and are high risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

We ask you to contact your Representative in Raleigh before 3:00 p.m. TODAY and tell them that you oppose the passage of the “Healthy Youth Act” presently before them. Contact information for Representatives and to determine who represents you is available at www.ncleg.net.


Bishop Peter J. Jugis
Bishop Michael F. Burbidge