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New Director/Campus Minister for UNC-Wilmington Newman Center

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Bishop Michael F. Burbidge has appointed Sister Rosemary G. McNamara, SU, Director and Campus Minister at the Newman Center for the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, upon the recommendation of the search committee and Reverend Joseph G. Vetter, Diocesan Director of Campus Ministry. Sister's appointment is effective June 1, 2009.

Sister Rosemary McNamara is a member of the Sisters of Saint Ursula, Rhinebeck, NY. She previously served in the Diocese of Raleigh as Director of Social Ministry for Saint Mary Parish, Wilmington (1991-1998). Sister has been a campus minister at Emmanuel College in Boston and has served as Treasurer of her religious community. She holds Masters degrees in Divinity and Mathematics Education and a Bachelors degree in psychology.

"We are pleased to welcome Sister Rose back to the Diocese of Raleigh for campus ministry," Father Vetter said. "Sister has the pastoral and administrative experience necessary, a strong commitment to young people, experience with university life and the added blessing of many friends in the Wilmington area." Bishop Burbidge extends his gratitude to the Sisters of Saint Ursula for their current service in the Diocese of Raleigh as well as their commitment of Sister Rose to this important ministry.

Bishop Burbidge and Father Vetter extend appreciation to Mr. Seung Beom Yu who will complete three years as Director and Campus Minister at the UNC-W Newman Center at the end of May. Father Al Dash will continue to provide part time priestly ministry to the UNC-W community.