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Msgr. Frank R. Moeslein Celebrates Golden Anniversary

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Rev. Msgr. Frank R. Moeslein marked the Fiftieth Anniversary of his Priesthood with the celebration of Mass at St. Egbert Catholic Church in Morehead City, Saturday, January 24. Msgr. Moeslein is Pastor Emeritus at the church, where he served as Pastor from 1986 until his retirement. Priests serving in the Diocese concelebrated the Jubilee Mass in the presence of Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge.

Msgr. Moeslein studied for the Priesthood at North American College in Rome, where he was ordained December 20, 1958. Also ordained on that day was Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Hadden, who celebrated his Jubilee Mass on December 20, 2008.

Msgr. Moeslein’s first pastoral assignment was as Assistant Pastor at St. John Church in North Wilksboro in 1959, after receiving his S.T.L. from Gregorian University in Rome that year. His many assignments included Editor of the NC Catholic newspaper from 1962-1966 and Chancellor of the Diocese from 1982-1984.

Bishop Burbidge thanked Msgr. Moeslein for the dedicated service he has given and continues to give to the Diocese. “We are grateful to you for being an effective teacher and preacher of the Gospel of life,” the Bishop said, “and for having brought to us God’s healing and saving love as a joyful minister of the sacraments.”

Reflecting on the $75 monthly income he received as a young priest, Msgr. Moeslein said, “You get a living by what you make or receive. You get a life by what you give of yourself to others.”

He noted that, “In almost every parish there are people who will virtually adopt us (priests) into their families, with whom we are as much at home as we are with our own kinfolk.”

“I don’t often get the opportunity to tell young people of how richly rewarding priestly life can be.” Msgr. said. He then asked the parents and grandparents in attendance to tell their children and grandchildren how rewarding it can be.

Above: Msgr. Frank Moeslein celebrating Mass to mark the celebration of his 50th year of Priesthood. Msgr. Moeslein is Pastor Emeritus at St. Egbert Church in Morehead City.