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"Sanctity of Life" Discussed at Bishop's Lecture Series

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Part Two of the Bishop’s Lecture Series took place, Friday, January 9 with Dr. Robert Hambourger speaking on the topic of the sanctity of human life. Dr. Hambourger is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University.

His presentation was in two parts with the first focusing on the theme of the lecture and the second on abortion and the society’s devaluation of human life. Dr. Hambourger pointed out that all human life is important since it created by God. He noted that the sanctity of life should be a unifier, not a divider. In an interview with NC Catholics, Dr. Hambourger addressed a central question in the abortion debate: When does life begin? “At conception a child is obviously alive and an individual,” he said. “So the issue of becoming a human being is very straightforward and killing a person at any point in his or her life radically interferes with God’s total plan.”

Dr. Hambourger’s presentation took place at St. Peter Catholic Church in Greenville. The third and final talk in the three-part series will be held at St. Thomas More Church in Chapel Hill on May 29 from 7:00-9:00 PM. The speaker will be Dr. Patrick O’Connell, a Raleigh physician who is actively involved in adult education on the topic of Catholic bioethics, with a special focus on adult and embryonic stem cell research.

The first part of Dr. O’Connell’s presentation will discuss Pope John Paul II’s highly acclaimed lecture series, “The Theology of the Body.” The second part will look at the question of infertility and reproductive technology. With one in four couples unable to conceive a child at some point in their married lives, many faithful Catholics struggle to make sense out of infertility treatments, some of which are incompatible with Catholic teaching. Dr. O’Connell’s talk will lay out the core principles for infertility and then apply the principles to commonly-used treatments.