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Catholic Agencies Thank Diocese for Donations

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Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh responded generously in 2008 to the scheduled national collections and special ones requested during the year in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crisis.

Among the 2008 contributions made by the faithful of the Diocese of Raleigh:

  • $85, 137 for the Church in Latin America
  • $96,763 for the Society of the Propagation of the Faith
  • $73,702 for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe
  • $65,602 for the Catholic Communication Campaign
  • $81,369 for the Holy Land Collection
  • $86,423 for Catholic Charities USA
  • $78,707 for the National Black and Indian Mission Collection
  • $26,824 to Catholic Relief Services for SE Asia Natural Disasters

Each contribution was gratefully acknowledged by the receiving agency. Information on the 12 national collections is available online at www.usccb.org/nationalcollections.