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Papal Transition Resource Material, Papal Facts of Interest

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Since the announcement by Pope Benedict XVI on his resignation effective February 28, 2013, the attention of the universal Church and the world has turned to the Vatican, as Church fathers plan for an event that has not happened in 600 years: the stepping down of a Pope from the Chair of St. Peter.

To assist the faithful, the Diocese will post daily stories on the Diocesan website of news and activities on the Papal Transition; stories that will be provided by Catholic News Service and other agencies. The Papal Transition page will include additional information on Pope Benedict and his papacy. Among the documents are his three encyclicals and his speeches during his visit to the United States in April 2008.

The page also contains resource material, including study guides for students from K-12 and adults, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. (See links below).

Above: A member of the Swiss Guard closes the main door of the papal villa at Castel Gandolfo at 8 p.m. Feb. 28. The Swiss Guard concluded its protective service to Pope Benedict XVI, signaling the end of his papacy. (CNS/Paul Haring) Click photo to view larger.

Today's Story

Bishop Burbidge Requests Prayers for Pope Francis

We Have a Pope!

News Stories

Diocesan Seminarians Witness to History

First Vote Results in Black Smoke as Conclave Begins

Conclave to Elect New Pope Set to Begin

Conclave to Begin March 12

Cardinals Near Conclusion of Pre-Conclave Meetings

Cardinals Continue Pre-Conclave Meetings

Vatican Tailor Prepared for New Pope

Cardinals Reflect on Opening of Conclave

Interregnum Period Begins

A "Humble Servant" to "Simple Pilgrim"

Pope Benedict Delivers Emotional Farewell

What Some Cardinals are Saying

Pope Benedict Changes Conclave Rules

Voting Rules for Election of New Pope

Interesting Facts of Previous Popes

Synod Gives Clues to Cardinals' Priorities

Holy Father Commended for Position on Global Economic Crisis

Bishop Burbidge Calls Pope Benedict’s Decision an Act of "Courage and Humility"

Catechetical Resources

Courtesy of Archdiocese of Washington, DC

How is the Pope Elected? (PDF)

Grades K-2 English (PDF)

Grades K-2 Spanish (PDF) 

Grades 3-5 English (PDF)

Grades 3-5 Spanish (PDF)

Grades 6-8 English (PDF)

Grades 6-8 Spanish (PDF) 

Grades 9-12 English (PDF) 

Grades 9-12 Spanish (PDF) 

RCIA and Teens English (PDF) 

RCIA and Teens Spanish (PDF) 

Papal Documents

Pope Benedict XVI Declaration of Resignation February 11, 2013

CARITAS IN VERITATE (Charity in Truth)

SPE SALVI (Saved in Hope)


Activities of Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013)

Talks by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the United States, April 2008