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New Marriage and Family Life Director Appointed

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Bishop Burbidge has appointed Mrs. Adrienne Yates as the new, full-time director of the Diocesan Office of Marriage and Family Life. Mrs. Yates moved to Raleigh last year from the Diocese of Cleveland, where she worked for the Church of the Holy Angels as a liturgy director and, before that, with the church’s RCIA program and couples’ ministry.

Mrs. Yates began work in late January, taking on a role previously held by Mrs. Linda Bedo, who retired in December. For Mrs. Yates, the early days on the job have been about making her way around the Diocese to discern what kind of support and resources parishes are interested in and need.

“I really think family life is important. So I want to bring a lot to marriage enrichment and then family life … that’s where I think we really need to be is unfolding the sacraments with people,” said Mrs. Yates, who holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Tampa, a master’s degree in biochemistry from Texas A&M and a master’s in theology from St. Mary Seminary Graduate School of Theology.

Mrs. Yates moved to the Diocese with her husband, Dr. Stephen Yates, who is an associate clinical program director for a biopharma company as well as a deacon at St. Thomas More Parish in Chapel Hill. They have three children – Alex, 24, Colleen, 22, and Megan, 18.

Catholic identity and ministry are at the heart of the Yates family. “It’s not average to live in Christ, it’s extraordinary. Everybody can do it. And we’re all invited,” said Mrs. Yates. “So why can’t we encourage others to do that in a way that’s life-giving for them? People don’t just wake up and have the perfect life and love. All of us have our own brokenness. But when we come together, there’s a fullness. If there’s any way that I can serve that, that’s what I want to do.”