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Catholic University Thanks Diocese for Support

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The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge has received a letter of gratitude from Catholic University of America President John Garvey. The letter is for the Diocese’s continued financial support of the University through the annual collection on its behalf.

In 2012, parishioners contributed $69,500 to Catholic University, which is used to help provide financial support to students from the Diocese of Raleigh. This year, 32 students from the Diocese are enrolled in the Washington, D.C. University, with 24 receiving student aid.

Catholic University is the only university in the United States that receives beneficial support from the U.S. bishops with approval by the Vatican.

In his letter, President Garvey noted his concern “with upholding the highest Catholic values and beliefs." He wrote of his efforts to “ensure our religious freedoms are being protected by government policies” and of his continued efforts to strengthen the university’s Catholic identity.

“With your ongoing support and continued generosity of the people of the Diocese of Raleigh,” President Garvey wrote, “we will continue to provide an excellent education and moral compass to our students, ensuring they become good Catholic citizens and leaders of our Church in the decades to come.”