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Catholic Heritage Society Renamed in Memory of Father Thomas F. Price

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According to statistics, only 50 percent of Americans have a will. And those that do often have out of date documents. It’s no secret that taking the time to plan and give generously takes effort.

The Diocese of Raleigh will honor its donors who have left bequests through wills, living trusts, endowments and other types of estate gifts with membership in the newly named Father Thomas Price Catholic Heritage Society. Member-donors will be invited to an annual appreciation dinner, as well as a Mass in their honor.

“A bequest gives a very personal gift,” said Ryan Flood, diocesan director of special gifts. “This society is a way to give recognition to people who have made a significant donation, even though it may not happen during their lifetime.” 

While many dioceses throughout the country have Heritage Society programs that work in similar ways, the Diocese of Raleigh chose to link Father Price’s name to its group because Fr. Price’s life represents legacy and heritage for so many.

“He’s the apostle of North Carolina. He’s the first Diocesan priest from the state,” explained Flood about Fr. Price, who purchased 400 acres of land near downtown Raleigh in 1897. Since then that purchase has strengthened the diocese, and parts of the land were home to an orphanage and a Catholic high school. In the future, the land will serve as home to Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

The Father Thomas Price Catholic Heritage Society, formerly named the Catholic Heritage Society, will become official this month in the Diocese of Raleigh. The society currently has 87 living members and 49 deceased members.

“When someone goes to the effort for planned giving, it’s important to say to them, ‘thank you so much … this is very important,’” said Flood, who added that the growth of the Diocese makes giving more important than ever. “Charitable gifts that are left now will have a great impact in the years to come.”