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Sacred Heart, Pinehurst, Providing Assistance to Parishioners

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“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” This oft-quoted saying is at the heart of a current initiative at Sacred Heart Parish in Pinehurst. In January, the Pastoral Advisory Council formed a team focused on helping their mission church, San Juan Diego in Robbins, N.C., to become self sufficient.

Six committees were formed to examine critical areas: food, clothing, education, medical, employment and legislative issues. After months of studying, the team was not surprised to learn that jobs were not just a problem for mission families but also many families at Sacred Heart parish. In response to the findings, a Jobs Hotline was created. “With 1,200 families, we realized that networking within our own community would be the best way to match jobs with people,” said Mrs. Linda Hutaff, a parishioner of Sacred Heart. 

Several business owners came forward with information on feasible job opportunities. “Immediately we saw a need to develop a database that could match job seekers and their qualifications to jobs,” said Mrs. Hutaff.

Many of the San Juan Diego unemployed parishioners are victims of recent chicken and textile plant closings in the area. They are looking for all types of employment opportunities, such as carpentry, house cleaning, tree service, landscaping, packing and moving, manufacturing and textile jobs.

“I decided to help our mission families because they help us out too,” said Frank Pacifico, Sacred Heart parishioner. “They are dedicated, hard workers who have fallen on some tough times,” said Pacifico. “They need assistance getting back on their feet so they can feel proud of themselves again.”

Sacred Heart Pastor Fr. Edward Burch said, “Our parishioners regularly donate supplies to our mission, but we wanted to take the outreach a step further to help these families get back on their feet. We are hoping to alert our parishioners who may have jobs around their own homes and businesses that we have people willing and in need of work.” 

“This is a wonderful experience to live in solidarity with our brothers and sisters less fortunate,” said Very Rev. Carlos Arce in a letter to Sacred Heart parishioners. “I congratulate you because of this clear and concrete way of love. I encourage you to continue serving the people, especially the most vulnerable in the society.”

Anyone aware of job opportunities in Moore County or surrounding counties is asked to contact Frank Pacifico at 910-295-2640.