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Coach Tom O'Brien Discusses Faith and New Cathedral

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The Cathedral Campus is now in the Block 2 phase of its capital campaign with 53 parishes participating.

Regular updates on the project are available online at www.holynamecathedralnc.org. There you can subscribe to follow news of the project via email updates, Facebook and Twitter.

The site contains a wealth of information, including history of the site that will house the new Cathedral, reasons for the need of a new “Mother Church” for the Diocese, a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers, a comment page where you can ask questions, an introduction to the architect of the project and a list of video testimonials from Catholics in the Diocese.

The most recent testimonial is by NC State Football Coach Tom O’Brien, who talks about his Catholic faith.

Watch Coach O’Brien’s comments

Above: NC State Football Coach Tom O’Brien during taping of testimonial for new Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. Click photo to view larger.