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Five Seminarians Admitted to Candidacy, One Instituted as Lector

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On Thursday evening, August 2, 2012, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge joined the seminarians of the Diocese for Mass and a reception at St. Luke the Evangelist Church in Raleigh. During the Mass, five of the seminarians were admitted to Candidacy while a sixth was instituted in the Ministry of Lector.

Those admitted to candidacy were Timothy Ahn, Michael Schuetz, Myles Casanova, John Kane and Edison Urrego. The Rite of Admission to Candidacy is celebrated when it has been established that the intention of those aspiring to Holy Orders is supported by the necessary qualifications and has achieved sufficient maturity. During the rite, the intention of receiving Holy Orders is to be expressed publicly by aspirants. The Bishop publicly accepts the aspirant’s intention.

Seminarian Philip Johnson was instituted in the Ministry of Lector. This ministry calls the seminarian to be a servant of the Living Word of God. In proclaiming the readings at liturgy, the reader does more than simply read. Those who exercise the ministry of lector must be truly suited and carefully prepared, so that the faithful may develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings.

Bishop Burbidge began his homily by reflecting on the seminarians’ retreat over the previous four days. “It was a great joy to spend time this week with our seminarians,” the Bishop said. “I am very proud of them. They are strong in their faith; they share a wonderful fraternity; they are joyful and long to serve Our Lord Jesus and all those in our wonderful diocese. With them, I express profound thanks to their dear parents, family members, future brother priests, and all those who support them by their love and prayers.”

Addressing the candidates, the Bishop said, “In the secular and political world, candidates are individuals who present themselves as worthy for a position. They speak about their vision and views. They hold the office for a term or particular period of time.

“Dear candidates, you are so radically different. It is the Lord our God who calls you by name and brings you forth. It is Jesus Christ and His Gospel that you are to live and proclaim. God willing, the office you will assume one day as an ordained priest is not temporary. It is forever!”

A reception for the seminarians and their families followed the Mass.

Read Bishop Burbidge’s homily

Above: Bishop Michael F. Burbidge with seminarians following Mass in which five were admitted to Candidacy and one to Ministry of Lector.  Left to right: Philip Johnson,  Timothy Ahn, Michael Schuetz, Bishop Burbidge, Myles Casanova, John Kane and Edison Urrego. Click photo to view larger.

Above: Bishop Burbidge during homily at Mass for seminarians and their families, with approximately 20 Diocesan priests who concelebrated the Mass. Click photo to view larger.