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Coach K Discusses Importance of Planned Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

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In August 2012, 53 parishes will be participating in Block 2 of the Cathedral Campus Campaign, which will be conducted through December. Forty-two parishes took part in Block 1 of the campaign, which ran from January through June. While some of the Block 1 parishes are in the final stages of their campaign, as of the end of June, the campaign has raised more than $31 million with more than 9,000 households making pledges.

“I am deeply thankful for all the pastors, pastoral administrators and parishioners who have participated in Block 1,” said the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge. “It is exciting to see how so many of our parishes will benefit greatly on the local level through their parish partnership with the Diocesan campaign.”

Each parish is assigned a good faith effort Total Goal, which includes the first dollars on the parish level to cover the 2012 Bishop’s Annual Appeal goal for each parish. After the BAA goal is met, a parish receives 20 percent of each dollar pledged to the campaign up to the parish’s Total Goal. If a parish reaches its Total Goal, it then receives 50 percent of each dollar above the goal. 

Information on the Cathedral Campus Campaign is available on the website dedicated to the new Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral: www.holynamecathedralnc.org.

Included on the new Cathedral site are testimonials from Catholic faithful in the Diocese. The most recent is a testimonial from Duke University Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who discusses the important role his Catholic faith plays in his personal and professional life. He also talks about importance of the Cathedral Campus project to Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh.

Watch Coach K’s testimonial