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Eighty-Six Adult Confirmations Bring Total to 2477

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On June 7, 2012, at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Raleigh, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation on 86 adult candidates, representing 24 parishes, and bringing the total number of candidates completing initiation in the last year in our Diocese to 2,774. This number is exclusive of the more than 1100 who completed initiation at Easter. Confirmation is the last Sacrament of Initiation. Through the Sacrament, the faithful receive the Holy Spirit and become adult members of the Church.

Prior to receiving the Sacrament, confirmands spent two years preparing through their respective parish faith formation programs. They were required to attend monthly classes and meetings with their sponsors, participate in a weekend retreat and answer questions in a final interview to determine their preparedness.

In addressing those to be confirmed, the Bishop said, “I’m sure all of you could tell me unique stories of the journeys that brought you to this Sacrament, each with its own twists and turns. But what you all have in common is that, ultimately, it is through God’s mysterious plan that you have received the grace to come to be Confirmed at this moment.

“You said Yes to that grace,” the Bishop continued, “and you will affirm that Yes tonight as you renew your baptismal promises.

“All of us here join in praying that, strengthened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you will be on fire with the faith and go forth in word and deed to proclaim to others that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life and that whoever believes in Him will live both now and forever.”

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