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Bishop Burbidge Presents Final Video in Support of Marriage Amendment

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With the North Carolina primary election set for May 8, 2012, many voters are beginning to pay close attention to the candidates seeking local, state and national offices. One of the key items on next month’s ballot will be an amendment to the state Constitution that would clearly define marriage in North Carolina as the union of one man and one woman.

While there is a state law that holds to that definition, as has been witnessed in other states, a judicial decision or legislative act can overturn the law. The Marriage Amendment will safeguard the definition of marriage by embedding it in the N.C. Constitution.

During the last four months, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge and Bishop Peter J. Jugis, Diocese of Charlotte, have provided the faithful in both Dioceses with Catholic teaching on the Sacrament of Marriage. The resources have been made available in letters, printed material, on both dioceses’ websites and through the Catholic Voice NC website (http://www.catholicvoicenc.org/). The information includes a four-part video series with each Bishop addressing different elements of the vocation of marriage as it applies to the Marriage Amendment.

The fourth and final segment, which is presented by Bishop Burbidge, is now available. In it Bishop Burbidge explains that support of the Marriage Amendment should never be classified as being in support of discrimination. “As Catholics,” the Bishop says, “the fact that we do not embrace same sex marriage can never be seen as discriminatory, as we believe that our humanity cannot be reduced to the expression of sexual orientation; our actions do not determine the basis of our fundamental human dignity, given to each of us by God.”

Watch Bishop Burbidge’s video presentation in support of Marriage Amendment (Windows Media)

Visit Catholic Voice NC website

NC Bishops long-standing support of the Amendment

Bishop Burbidge and Bishop Jugis have spoken out in support of the Marriage Amendment in North Carolina dating back to February 2009, when they joined with leaders of other denominations at a news conference held at the Legislative Building. Since then, the Bishops:

On Feb. 24, 2011, joined with their brother Bishops in a statement critical of the Obama Administration’s reversal on the federal Defense of Marriage Law.

On Sept. 8, 2011, called on Catholics in North Carolina to join them in requesting state lawmakers to vote in favor of the Marriage Amendment.

In January 2012 began catechesis for the Marriage Amendment through letters to the faithful, and providing other resources on Church teaching on marriage.

Conducted interviews with diocesan and secular media discussing the faith-based reasons for the support of the Marriage Amendment. 

On Mar. 20, 2012, issued a joint statement in response to President Obama’s stated opposition to the NC Marriage Amendment.

On April 23, 2012, issued the fourth video of a four-part series explaining Catholic teaching on marriage.