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St. Raphael Church Celebrates Living Way of the Cross

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More than 2,000 people participated in the Way of the Cross on Good Friday at St. Raphael the Archangel Church in Raleigh. The Stations, which depict the Passion and Death of Jesus, were presented in a dramatic fashion by the Hispanic community of the parish. The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge began the procession with the opening prayer and led the prayer at several of the Stations. The Hispanic custom is also known as “The Living Way of the Cross.”

The re-enactment of each of the 14 Stations of the Cross was carried out with men and women portraying the various roles, beginning with Roman soldiers bringing Jesus before Pontius Pilate and the members of the Sanhedrin. The first station depicts the trial of Jesus, His scourging and the choice by the crowd to save Barabbas and crucify Jesus. Touching scenes occur when “Jesus Meets His Mother,” when “Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus,” and when “Jesus Dies on the Cross.”

The dramatization of the Passion, known as the “Living Way of the Cross,” is a long-standing tradition in Latin America and the Philippines.

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Above: More than 2,000 people attending the “Living Way of the Cross” dramatization held at St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church in Raleigh.

Above: Fourth Station re-enactment as “Jesus Meets His Mother.”

Above: Bishop Michael F. Burbidge at the conclusion of the Good Friday re-enactment.  Rev. Robert Hussey, Pastor of St. Raphael in the center and Rev. Mr. Hector Velazco, Deacon at St. Raphael on the left.