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Two Women Religious to Celebrate Jubilees

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On Saturday, February 4, 2012, the Diocese will celebrate the World Day for Consecrated Life with a Mass at 11 a.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Raleigh. A reception in the Fallon Center will follow Mass. Special recognition will be given at the celebration to two vowed women religious in our Diocese with a total of 120 years of service: Sister Maria Goretti Timperio, IHM, and Sister Rita Finnen, DW, have worked for 60 years each to bring God’s love to His people.

Sister Maria Goretti Timperio, IHMSister Maria Goretti Timperio, IHM, has been a vowed member of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for 60 years. She was born and raised outside Pittsburgh, PA in Grayslanding and Masontown, where she attended the local elementary and high schools. She received her college education and earned a Master’s degree from Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

She first met the IHM Sisters when they taught her religious doctrine and prepared her for First Sacraments. Sister lived with her Aunt Caroline for a short time after her mother’s death, and the piety of her aunt planted the seed that led her to want to join the Sisters who were teaching her. She describes the Congregation as hospitable to all and willing to do whatever ministry the Church needs wherever the needs are. 

Over the years, Sister has worked in five different states, British Columbia and Peru. She has taught grades 1 through 8, been a Director of Religious Education, Pastoral Assistant and Pastoral Administrator. Sister was the founding pastoral administrator at St. Peter the Fisherman in Oriental, NC, and has returned to St. Paul Parish in New Bern for the second time, now as Sacramental Catechist preparing second and third graders for First Sacraments.

Sister Rita Finnen, DWSister Rita Finnen, DW, has been a vowed member of the Daughters of Wisdom for 60 years. Before she ever met a member of the Daughters of Wisdom, Sister Rita was attracted to the spirituality of their co-founder, St. Louis de Montfort and his focus on the Incarnate Wisdom and his love for Blessed Mother Mary.

Sister’s father insisted that each of his five children had to know how to earn a living before leaving home. Sister went to secretarial school; and after she started work, she looked for ways to volunteer. She volunteered at St. Charles Hospital for crippled children in Brooklyn, which was staffed by the Daughters of Wisdom, and immediately felt at home. She was attracted by the Sisters’ commitment to children who were hospitalized for months and sometimes for years

Sister’s first assignment after entering the community was to study nursing at Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA. A year and a half later, she was asked to become the Director of Nurses. Sister began her study of nursing administration at Catholic University of America, with a minor in medical-surgical nursing and an additional emphasis on teaching methods. Sister used all of these fields in subsequent years, serving as a clinical nurse, director of nursing and a teacher of nurses at East Carolina University and later Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Since her retirement from teaching, Sister goes to a local radio station one evening a week to read the local news to the blind.