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Holy Father Encourages Christians to Live the Joy of Christmas Each Day

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In his weekly general audience, January 4, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Christians to continue living the joy and mystery of Christmas as they prepare for the Feast of the Epiphany. "Christmas is the feast when God becomes so close to human beings that he shares the same fact of being born to reveal to them their deepest dignity, that of being sons and daughters of God,” the Holy Father said. “In that way, the dream of humanity that began in paradise -- we want to be like God -- is realized in an unexpected way: not because of the greatness of man, who cannot make himself God, but through the humility of God, who descends."

A video report on Pope Benedict’s remarks at the weekly audience is included in today’s update available on the Catholic News Service Video Report, accessible from the home page of the Diocesan website or at the link below. Other stories include a look at the access and relationship between the Pope and the crowds attending his events and Pope Benedict’s message for World Day of the Sick, celebrated on February 11, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The CNS Video Report is accessible daily on the Diocesan website, made available by parishioner contributions to the annual Catholic Communication Campaign, conducted in May. 

Watch the video news stories from the Vatican and Washington, DC.