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Crucial Vote Expected on Woman’s Right to Know Veto

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Both houses of the North Carolina legislature are expected to take an override vote of Governor Beverly Perdue’s veto of the Woman’s Right to Know Act at some time during the current legislative session. Governor Perdue vetoed the bill, which would require a set of notifications for women considering an abortion, including the offer of an ultrasound. It would also require a 24-hour waiting period to allow the woman time to reflect on her decision.

Ten legislators have been identified as possibilities to change their vote and override the veto. One additional vote is needed in both the House and Senate in order for the override to be successful.

The names of the lawmakers and the districts they represent can be found on the Catholic Voice NC website, with contact information to encourage them to vote in favor of the override when the issue is brought up in their respective chamber.  Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of Raleigh and Bishop Peter J. Jugis of Charlotte have called the Woman’s Right to Know Act a pro-woman, pro-life bill and are encouraging Catholics in North Carolina to join them in support of this important legislation.

Bishop Burbidge addresses the bill and other legislation before the 2011 General Assembly in this week’s edition of Catholic Perspective and Catholic Weekly, which are available online.