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Access to Vatican Papal Events Featured in CNS Video Reports

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One of the most often asked questions of Catholics who will be visiting Rome is, “How can I see the Pope?”   There are several opportunities each week, beginning at noon Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, when the faithful gather to recite the Angelus and receive the blessing of the Holy Father. But there are two other events during the week in which people can attend Papal events. That is one of the stories featured on the CNS Video report available on the Diocesan website, in a feature titled, “How to See the Pope.”

Other video stories include a report on Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly audience: “Mary, Mother of All Humanity,” the Holy Father dedication of a new basilica in Rome,  and a feature on Vatican Museum tours for the deaf and blind.

Catholic News Service provides video stories each weekday, along with written stories by staff members assigned to the Vatican and other major locations.

The CNS video service is a subscription service offered by Catholic News Service, which is funded in the Diocese of Raleigh through contributions made annually to the Catholic Communication Campaign, taken up in parishes, with fifty percent being forwarded to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops communications and media initiatives and fifty percent remaining at the Diocesan level to provide for local media initiatives. This year’s CCC collection will be held in June.