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Process Continues to Determine Feasibility of New High School in Wilmington

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Steps toward establishment of a new Catholic high school in Wilmington continue. The Diocesan Office of Catholic Formation and Education announced this week that the Diocese of Raleigh has identified an appropriate site for the proposed school and has entered into a purchase phase. In a letter to the faithful in the Cape Fear Deanery, Dr. Michael J. Fedewa, Superintendent of Catholic Education and Formation, explained that prior to purchase, the Diocese is undertaking a four-month process of ensuring that the property meets all of the criteria necessary in order to build a school. Upon completion of this due diligence and contingent upon positive results of the required tests and analysis, the property will be secured.

The process to determine the viability of a high school in Wilmington began two years ago. It included a comprehensive enrollment feasibility study, which indicated there is significant support for a Catholic high school in the Wilmington region.

The subsequent step will be to convene a meeting for potential parents and students. The purpose of this meeting will be to convey all of the relevant information related to the school and to subsequently obtain enrollment commitments. Should the required level of commitment be reached and all of the other necessary check points cleared, the opening of the school would be the 2012-2013 school year.

The proposed school would follow the path taken by the new Pope John Paul II High School in Greenville, which opened in August 2010 with a ninth grade. In Wilmington, a possible start-up could include a tenth grade should there be enough interest. The curriculum will generally follow the same comprehensive college preparatory model used by Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh.

The letter stated, “The planning and due diligence that has taken place thus far is essential for the opening of a successful high school. Parents and students alike must be confident from the outset that the school will provide for the spiritual growth and academic success of those students that it will serve.”