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NC Bishops Urge Signing of Pro-Life Bill


On Friday, July 26, 2013, the Bishops of North Carolina jointly released the following statement:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The General Assembly has passed a bill that we have called to your attention several times in recent weeks.  Thank you for the messages you sent to our legislators. Now we are asking for your help as the bill goes to the governor for his signature.

The bill is S–353 and it provides conscience protection for health care professionals who refuse to take part in an abortion;  it protects some unborn children by making sex selection abortion illegal; it prohibits the coverage of abortions in the health care plans of state and local government workers; it requires the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt procedures for abortion clinics that will bring these clinics in compliance with all other surgical centers in our state; and finally, it requires a physician to be physically present to address any safety concerns when an abortion is being performed, outlawing so-called web cam abortions.

The provisions of this bill protect taxpayers, health care workers and also women, when they are making the sad decision to proceed with an abortion.

Published reports indicate that Governor McCrory is receiving a lot of pressure to veto this bill.  Please make your voice heard and ask the governor to sign this bill into law. Follow the link below to send a message.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge
Bishop of Raleigh

The Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis
Bishop of Charlotte

Click the link below to log in and send your message: