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NC Bishops call for action on Conscience Protection Act


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Tomorrow is a big day for religious liberty in our country, and we are calling on you once again to support the Conscience Protection Act of 2016. A vote on this bill is scheduled for Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

We first brought this bill to your attention in late 2015, and we would like to thank those who reached out to their congressional representatives. As of today, six members of the North Carolina delegation are co-sponsors of this measure, and we thank them.

Even if you have already sent a message on this bill, we are asking you to do so again. Please support the right of health care workers to opt out of participating in abortions because they cannot in good conscience participate in the destruction of human life.

Please take the time to click on the link below to send a message to the seven North Carolina representatives who have not yet indicated how they might vote on this measure. Or better yet, call their offices and let your voice be heard. The representatives who are not co-sponsors are:

  • Butterfield, G.K., 202-225-3101
  • Price, David, 202-225-1784
  • Walker, Mark, 202-225-3065
  • Rouzer, David, 202-225-2731
  • McHenry, Patrick T., 202-225-2576
  • Adams, Alma, 202-225-1510
  • Holding, George, 202-225-3032

Thank you for your efforts in the past and for what you can do between now and tomorrow’s vote.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge (Diocese of Raleigh)

Bishop Peter J. Jugis (Diocese of Charlotte)

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