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Major Pro-Life Bill Ratified, Heads to Governor


On Thursday evening, July 25, the North Carolina Senate gave final approval to a sweeping pro-life bill designed to protect the lives of unborn children and the health and safety of pregnant women in North Carolina. The Senate voted 32-13 to concur with the House version of Senate Bill 353-Health & Safety Law Changes, and the bill now proceeds to Governor Pat McCrory for his signature.

S353 is an omnibus pro-life bill containing provisions that will: expand North Carolina's health care conscience protection law; restrict taxpayer funding of abortions; ban sex-selection abortions in the state; require a physician who is to perform an abortion to be physically present during a surgical abortion procedure or when the first drug or chemical is administered during a chemical abortion; and direct the N.C. Department of Health & Human Services to increase health and safety regulations for abortion clinics.

The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge applauded the Senate’s action. “I express my gratitude to the members of the Senate for their leadership in this important Pro-Life legislation, and I call on our Governor to join them and sign this bill into law,” he stated. “It provides not only the appropriate safeguards and resources to ensure the health of the mother, but most importantly extends the needed protection to the unborn child.

“I am deeply grateful as well to the faithful who have supported this important legislation with their prayers, phone calls and emails. I strongly encourage Catholics to continue their active participation in the legislative process, by exercising advocacy in favor of those measures which safeguard human dignity and assist the vulnerable and those most in need, from the moment of conception to natural death.”